Legacy Content Update 3.1.0H
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It's Halloween again, so it's about time for a new Spooky Update!

  • Added the Spooky Skeleton encounter.
  • Added 2 new currency items that drop from the Spooky Skeleton encounter, which give you access to the Spooky Soulforge.
  • Added 3 new unique items that can be acquired from the Spooky Soulforge.

Slaying enemies will have a 1% chance to spawn the Spooky Skeleton, who will flee from players but can occasionally attack. The skeleton will be active for 30 seconds before disappearing... for now... Defeating him before he vanishes will reward players with new currency items: The Spooky Skull and the Golden Skull (in higher leveled areas). Difficulty and drops will scale based on the zone you are in, as shown below:

Early Zones (Paleon...
Legacy Content Update 4.69420
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UPDATE 4.69420
Well, it's once again my favorite non-holiday. This year we're doing the funny again. Of note, this update was planned and assembled in under 24 hours. Ow my brain.

  • Added Fool's Gold, dropped from the April Archer encounter. Fool's Gold can be exchanged for any of the 5 new Ordinary items.
  • Added the April Archer, an annoying foe who will spawn occasionally in the endgame and postgame.
    • The first variant has 100,000 Health and can be found by defeating enemies throughout the Rifts.
      • Upon defeat, he drops 1 Iridescent, 1 Corrupted, and 1 Mythic item in addition to 5-16 Fool's Gold.
    • The second variant has 1,000,000 Health and can be found by defeating enemies throughout the Omniplex.
      • Upon defeat, he drops 1-3 Iridescent items, 1-3 Corrupted items, 1-3 Mythic items, and 16-32 Fool's Gold.
  • Added 5 new Ordinary tier items. They're like Legendary...
Legacy Content Update 3.1.0 - The Rats & Runes Update
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This is a small content update that has been truncated off of the much larger upcoming 3.2.0 update due to a combination of interesting circumstances. First, many iterative bugfix updates throughout the past few months have been added to the server without much documentation. This was a mistake and we will document all changes the second they happen from now on. Secondly, due to some errors by the administrator, some parts of the next content update were submitted to the live server early. Rather than reverse these changes, we have instead decided to embrace the accident and release some of the new content with it rather than holding it back for one massive mega-update.


In this update, we have added Rune Rats. Rune rats are small magical creatures which have a 5% chance to spawn from any defeated non-boss monster. They immediately start fleeing the player upon manifesting. These tiny beasts have no more than...
Legacy Content Update 3.0.0 - The Omniplex
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Welcome to the Omniplex!

It's been a while since the last update, and for good reason. We have spent the last half a year or so meticulously crafting a massive content update along with numerous new systems changes. The server is almost unrecognizable from its original form, barring older dungeons and items. Much more time was spent during the planning period than normal in order to bring everything to fruition. Our goal was to create an update that truly challenged endgame players and smoothed out the experience of progression for newer players simultaneously. We'll let you be the judge of whether we succeeded. Along with this, there were a myriad of tech changes in this update. And while Aryntius Legacy still runs on an older version of Minecraft (1.12.2), we have modernized the vast majority of its backend plugin installations and APIs to finally free it from its dreadful mid-2017 chains.


The prime focus of this content...
News April Fools 2022
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Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! This year we have a most mighty surprise for both new and returning players.

Introducing the Aryntius RANDOMIZER server!

It's like the normal Legacy gamemode except EVERY monster drop is randomized, allowing players to obtain any item of any tier from any monster. This includes uniques (i.e. every boss has a 100% chance to drop any unique item). Keys, unidentified items, and NPC shops remain the same. You can access the server from the compass in the hub or use the old /experimental command.

Along with this, we have returned the April Fool raid to both versions of the server. You can access it using /aprilfools or /af. The Randomizer server will self destruct by April 30th, 2022 so enjoy it while you can! Good luck, may the clowns be with you.

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