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Development Manifesto: The Aryntius Legacy Server

For a while now we have entertained the idea of running a legacy server of Aryntius (i.e. the server in its original form with no further changes after Update 2.4.0). The original advantage to this is that players would have something to do while Aryntius II was being developed. But in recent times I have found very little time to actually work on the project, so things have become quite a bit more complicated.

Considering the vast length of time between Aryntius shutting down (June 2019) and now (November 2020) and the sheer size of the player data (roughly 62.5GB total), I made the difficult decision to wipe all existing player data (including builds, inventories, job levels, and mcmmo levels) in order to create a fresh start. Any player that joins the server will now begin with the starter rank and nothing but the clothes on their back.

As for the state of the server, the plan now is to leave the legacy server up indefinitely instead of replacing the server entirely when Aryntius II is released. Our goal now is to eventually evolve into a bungeecord network with a hub and 2 servers: one will be Aryntius II and one will be Aryntius Legacy. There is no ETA on this, as Aryntius II is still deep into its infancy and at this point will likely never see 100% completion, more likely going for a partial release some time in the distant future. When this new gamemode is deemed presentable, it will be added to the network and both will be accessible by all players.

We have also considered slowly phasing out Aryntius' features through regular updates after 2.4.0, but ultimately decided against it because there are too many fundamental changes (such as the rank system and item rarity system) present in Aryntius II.

The only real downside of this new setup is that the server's dedicated hosting costs have effectively doubled compared to Aryntius' in the past. However, now that the website is fully self-hosted, it neither contributes monumental fees nor suffers random uncontrolled downtime. (So long, Enjin). Our new dedicated server also has significantly more RAM and storage than our previous one (32GB vs 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD Storage vs 120GB SSD Storage), which should give us plenty of room to grow and experiment later on.

Hopefully this clarifies our recent decision to resurrect Aryntius from the dead with virtually 0 changes or modifications, and thanks for the support over the years!

Speaking of which, the legacy server is online right now and you can experience it at! (Compatible with all Minecraft versions from 1.9 to 1.16.4)


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