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News The Aryntius Legacy Server

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Development Manifesto: The Aryntius Legacy Server

For a while now we have entertained the idea of running a legacy server of Aryntius (i.e. the server in its original form with no further changes after Update 2.4.0). The original advantage to this is that players would have something to do while Aryntius II was being developed. But in recent times I have found very little time to actually work on the project, so things have become quite a bit more complicated.

Considering the vast length of time between Aryntius shutting down (June 2019) and now (November 2020) and the sheer size of the player data (roughly 62.5GB total), I made the difficult decision to wipe all existing player data (including builds, inventories, job levels, and mcmmo levels) in order to create a fresh start. Any player that joins the server will now begin with the starter rank and nothing but the clothes on their back.

As for the state of the server, the plan now is to leave the legacy...

Devlog Calm Before the Storm

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Development Manifesto: The Calm Before the Storm

Hello there, it's been a while! A year, almost, to be exact. Yes, it's true. We are bringing the server back. And this website's existence is direct proof of that. However, there will be some very major differences this time around.

The biggest change is that we are replacing our weird survival/RPG hybrid gimmick with something far more consistent and palatable: a full on RPG experience. This means, unfortunately, that players will not be able to build, claim land, brew potions, etc. If the demand is high enough, however, we may open separate servers for other game modes later on. But our primary focus from now on will be delivering the content that made the original server popular; i.e. sprawling dungeons, crazy custom items, and a unique blend of lore, magic, and madness.

We will accomplish this by streamlining progression through the entire server while also increasing the depth of the immersion and...

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