Legacy Content Update 4.69420

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UPDATE 4.69420
Well, it's once again my favorite non-holiday. This year we're doing the funny again. Of note, this update was planned and assembled in under 24 hours. Ow my brain.

  • Added Fool's Gold, dropped from the April Archer encounter. Fool's Gold can be exchanged for any of the 5 new Ordinary items.
  • Added the April Archer, an annoying foe who will spawn occasionally in the endgame and postgame.
    • The first variant has 100,000 Health and can be found by defeating enemies throughout the Rifts.
      • Upon defeat, he drops 1 Iridescent, 1 Corrupted, and 1 Mythic item in addition to 5-16 Fool's Gold.
    • The second variant has 1,000,000 Health and can be found by defeating enemies throughout the Omniplex.
      • Upon defeat, he drops 1-3 Iridescent items, 1-3 Corrupted items, 1-3 Mythic items, and 16-32 Fool's Gold.
  • Added 5 new Ordinary tier items. They're like Legendary items. Just not as cool.
Lightning Strike (Ordinary)
Weapon - Melee (Axe)
  • Sharpness M
  • 50% chance to Shock.
  • Fires 4 extra projectiles that deal 75.0 damage whenever you attack.
  • Projectiles are unaffected by gravity.

Ranged Weapon - Other
  • Damage: 600.0
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Ammo: Heavy (Magazine)
  • Burst Fire (10 shots).
  • Gains damage/status bonuses from melee items/accessories.
  • Ranged/magic bonuses have no effect on this weapon.

Magic I.C.B.M (Ordinary)
Magic - Casted
  • Damage: 120.0
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Charge: Very Slow
  • Annihilator: 10,000
  • Blast Radius: 20 blocks.
  • If target has more than 10,000 health, the explosion deals 10% of their maximum health instead.

Numbskull (Ordinary)
Armor - Helmet
  • Protection XX
  • +5 Spectral Lance while you are unarmed.
  • Unarmed attacks deal 900 Bleed damage over 3.0s.
  • Restore 50% of your maximum health every second if you've taken damage in the last 3.0s.
  • Cannot be Slowed or Frozen.

Nut Crackers (Ordinary)
Armor - Boots
  • Feather Falling X, Depth Strider X
  • +50% movement speed.
  • Cannot be Slowed or Frozen.
  • While Blocking:
    • Restore 10 health every second.
    • Deal 500 Chaos damage to enemies within 10 blocks when you take damage.

  • Added 4 new keywords to the codex (Annihilator, Set Bonus, Spectral Strike, and Spectral Lance).


The Unending Darkness
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