Legacy Content Update 3.1.0 - The Rats & Runes Update

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This is a small content update that has been truncated off of the much larger upcoming 3.2.0 update due to a combination of interesting circumstances. First, many iterative bugfix updates throughout the past few months have been added to the server without much documentation. This was a mistake and we will document all changes the second they happen from now on. Secondly, due to some errors by the administrator, some parts of the next content update were submitted to the live server early. Rather than reverse these changes, we have instead decided to embrace the accident and release some of the new content with it rather than holding it back for one massive mega-update.


In this update, we have added Rune Rats. Rune rats are small magical creatures which have a 5% chance to spawn from any defeated non-boss monster. They immediately start fleeing the player upon manifesting. These tiny beasts have no more than 10 health and give all players within 8 blocks runes upon being slain. Enemies in higher-leveled zones spawn rats with better rewards, as shown below:
  • Labyrinth - Atlas Tier I: Gives 10-30 Runes.
  • Atlas Tier II - Rifts: Gives 25-50 Runes.
  • Omniplex: Gives 50-100 Runes.
Enemies in the following zones cannot spawn rune rats:
  • The Mines
  • The Catacombs

Dragon's Whisper (Lesser Iridescent)

Melee Weapon - Sword
  • Sharpness L
  • +100% attack speed.
  • 10% chance to Ignite.
  • Deals 100 Burning damage over a period of 1.0s.
Comments: For a long time now, Dragon's Wrath (Lesser Iridescent) has existed as one of the worst items on the server, if not the outright worst by virtue of not being updated since its creation back in 1.1.7. We have created a reasonable replacement for it that should carry most players through the midgame.

Quadragoon (Ascended)
Ranged Weapon - Misc.
  • Damage: 400.0 x4
  • Speed: Insanely Fast
  • Ammo: Special (Magazine)
  • 10% critical strike chance.
  • 10.0x damage on critical hit.
  • 200% increased gun recoil.
  • Crouch to disable gun recoil.
Comments: The Quadragoon is the long-awaited sequel to the infamous Dragoon, firing four times as many bullets per shot and doing away with that nasty movement speed debuff. It retains its iconic recoil abilities but can now disable them while crouching, as opposed to its Unique counterpart. This item can be found by killing Y'razotj in the Trial of Sorrow.


The Junk Trader's Rune options have been rebalanced, as shown below:
  • Unidentified Mythic Item - 10 Runes (from 1 rune)
  • Unidentified Corrupted Item - 25 Runes (from 5 runes)
  • Unidentified Iridescent Item - 50 Runes (from 10 runes)
Lesser Iridescent drop chance increased to 10% (from 5%).


Eternity's Gaze (Skill)

  • Despair duration increased to 10.0s (from 5.0s).
  • Cone hitbox angle increased to 60 degrees (from 30 degrees).
  • Cone hitbox length increased to 24 blocks (from 16 blocks).
  • Chaos damage reduced to 10% of the target's maximum health (from 20%) for enemies above 50,000 current health.
  • Chaos damage increased to 100% of the target's maximum health (from 20%) for enemies below 50,000 current health.

The Cannibal (Iridescent)
  • Healing now applies over 5.0s (from 3.0s).

The Leviathan (Iridescent)
  • Healing reduced to 10.0 hearts (from 30.0 hearts).
  • Healing now applies over 5.0s (from 3.0s).
Comments: The Leviathan was not balanced around the existence of self-damage builds. We have reduced its healing to compensate for how strong this interaction can be.

Phoenix Heart (Iridescent)
  • Now gives 50% chance to Ignite.
  • Now cannot give below 200 Strength while you have Haste X.

Creeper (Iridescent)
  • Explosion damage changed to Chaos damage (from physical damage).
  • Now Shocks enemies upon explosion.

Dragon's Will (Iridescent)
  • Burning damage is no longer converted to Chaos.
  • Burning damage internal cooldown has been removed (from 1.0s).

The Event Horizon (Iridescent)
  • Tier changed to Lesser Iridescent.

Warbringer (Corrupted)
  • Healing reduced to 3.0 hearts (from 5.0 hearts).
  • Healing now applies over 3.0s (from 5.0s).

Blazing Fury (Mythic)
  • Burning cooldown removed.

Iridium Greaves (Exalted)
  • Healing increased to 1.5 hearts (from 0.5 hearts).

Phasewalk Boots (Exalted)
  • Healing per second increased to 2.5 hearts (from 0.5 hearts).

  • Added an article about Sigmas and Runes to the Helpful Tome.
  • Enemies in the Labyrinth now have a 2% chance to drop an Architect's Compass.
  • Minibosses in the Labyrinth will now always drop at least 1 Architect's Compass.
  • Added a hologram in the Labyrinth explaining how the Architect's arena actually works and how not to aggro him.
  • Added /warp plot, which is an alias for /warp plots.
  • Elder now has access to 9 plots (from 8) so they can create a giant 3x3 mega plot.

  • Fixed The Citadel (Eternal) very rarely giving resistance in Jokeland.
  • Fixed Venrok spawning with the actual Paladin's Shield instead of a visual representation, causing him to spawn with 20 extra hearts.
  • Fixed Clockwork Shield displaying Iridescent instead of Lesser Iridescent.
  • Fixed The Nihilist (Corrupted) not dealing lethal damage to players wearing Divine Platelegs (Ascended).
  • Fixed Cursed Shroud (Corrupted) sometimes having its Resistance overwritten by other items by changing its tick delay to 19 (from 20).
  • Fixed Stoneforge Greathelm (Unique) crashing players on later versions.


The Unending Darkness
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