Legacy Update 2.7.1

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This is a small update that adds some quality of life and some minor balance changes.

  • Ammo Items will no longer drop from enemies.
  • Enemies will now drop the new Ammo Box item instead.
New Item: Ammo Box - Consumable
  • Can be converted into any ammo type using the GUI shown upon right-clicking with it.
  • This should noticeably reduce the drop bloat from enemies, allowing players to pick up loot faster.
Conversion costs are listed below:
  • 1x Ammo Box --> 1x Light Ammunition
  • 1x Ammo Box --> 1x Heavy Ammunition
  • 1x Ammo Box --> 1x Cluster Ammunition
  • 2x Ammo Box --> 1x Explosive Ammunition
  • 3x Ammo Box --> 1x Special Ammunition
The prices of ammunition from the Arms Dealer NPC have been adjusted to match these conversion costs.
  • Light Ammunition price...

Legacy Content Update 2.7.0

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This is a large content update that brings back the original starting zone, albeit with many reworks, and adds various other items and features such as a completely new ammo system for ranged weapons and a completely new respawn system for dungeons. In all, the update should make the new player experience significantly more interesting and fun and fixes various QoL issues that have popped up over the years.

  • Added the original starting town, Paleon.
    • All new players will spawn from this location.
    • Returning players can access it using /warp Paleon.
  • Added 2 new dungeons - These are accessible directly from Paleon.
    • The Mines
    • The Catacombs
  • Added 2 new bosses.
    • The Crystal King (The Mines)
    • Shadow Spirit (The Catacombs)
  • Added 6 new enemies - These...
News Announcing: The Aryntius Network
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Today we are proud to announce the Aryntius Network: the culmination of pretty much everything we've done so far and a platform for all future developments. Uniting everything at its center lies our brand new hub world, built by yours truly in the space of 4 hours. It's not too impressive but it functions, and that's what matters.

With the deployment of the network, we are now in a much better position to test new gamemodes/ideas with the Experimental Server. This can be accessed through the main server selection GUI on the hub server while it is open. We'll give a heads up through a discord ping and website announcement for each new test gamemode and its run duration. To get pinged, assign yourself the new "Ping (Experimental)" role from the #role-assign channel!

Legacy Content Update 2.6.0

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This moderately-sized content update adds some new iridescent items, the original auras from Aryntius' past, some notable buffs to existing items, and some boss balance changes to top it all off.

We have added 7 brand new items this update, 5 of which are Iridescent.
Like all previous Iridescent items, they can be obtained from rare boss/miniboss drops, Junk Trader spins, or Forgotten Reliquary Chests.
  • Shadowheart (Iridescent)
    • Armor - Chestpiece
    • +20.0 maximum health.
    • Enemies within 10 blocks of you cannot have Resistance.
    • You cannot have Gold Hearts.
  • Facebreaker (Iridescent)
    • Off-Hand Accessory - Shield
    • Adds 250.0 to 6000.0 damage to all melee attacks while unarmed.
    • 30% chance to deal 900% increased base damage with unarmed attacks.
    • You have...

Legacy Update 2.5.3

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This update adds a few QoL features that had a long time coming. It also adds a bunch of improved backend data handlers so the owner doesn't get a stroke every time they log in and encounter garbage coded back in 2017. Yikes.

  • Added an elevator to Selthine's marketplace.
  • Added a lot more messages to the server list ping thing.
  • Death messages are now funnier. Yes, they're stolen from IG. I'm not sorry.
  • Death spectating is greatly improved and now remembers the proper gamemode you're in so you don't accidentally respawn in adventure mode while in the plot world or the survival world after dying in a dungeon.
  • Updated MythicMobs to 4.7.2, the last functional version compatible with 1.12's attributes system. While this does not actually change any current in-game features, it allows more flexible coding so expect some new (read: recycled)...

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