Legacy Content Update 2.10.0 - The Pants & Boots Update
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Welcome to Aryntius Legacy 2.10.0!

This medium-sized update is a direct continuation of the 2.9.0 Community Update. It adds 7 new Iridescent items, some of which are community-designed, 3 new Corrupted items, 1 new unique item, and touches up on numerous older items that have since fallen out of viability due to lack of power.


Tasty Shrub (Iridescent)
- Designed by ShrubNub
Accessory - Off Hand
  • +20.0 maximum health.
  • You have Saturation (Refreshes once per second).
  • You are immune to Hunger.
  • You have 50 Strength for each level of your Resistance (Up to 200 levels of Strength).

The Survivor (Iridescent)
Armor - Helmet
  • Protection XX
  • +20.0 maximum health.
  • Adds 250-1000 damage to all melee attacks.
  • Restore 10% of your maximum health each second while you are holding an axe.

Armored Evasion (Iridescent)
Armor - Leggings
  • Protection XX
  • +15.0...

Legacy Update 2.9.1

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This is a small update that doesn't add much new content but completely revamps a bunch of the Titans. Some of them have been quite greatly changed, effectively making them new bosses. Included in this update are also numerous fixes to some notable bugs and inconsistencies.

  • Improved Treasure Chests in the Paleon Mines.
  • Updated Horuk and Deathlord1337's shops to clarify they cannot give Iridescent items.
  • Reduced the amount of ammo boxes dropped from bosses.

  • Titans will no longer be distracted by player summons.
  • Titans are now briefly invincible during the first second they are spawned in.

Improved the Aesthetics of the following bosses:
  • Vraast, Heir of Frost
  • Sahuvar the Deceiver
  • The Nameless Titan
  • Realm Guardian...
Legacy Content Update 2.9.0 - The Community Update
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Welcome to Aryntius Legacy 2.9.0!

This is a massive content update that introduces 30 new unique/ascended items, 11 other new items, 10 of which are Corrupted or Iridescent, some absolutely enormous balance changes, and new player-designed items! A lot of these have had a long time coming and should greatly improve the quality of life and general gameplay aspects of the server.

Instead of putting these somewhere in the balance section, we will list these important changes right here, front and center.

  • All monsters and bosses will no longer deal chaos damage with direct hits, including with slam attacks.
This means Resistance V will provide full 100% invulnerability against any enemy hit. In addition, Resistance has been reworked on all items so that the plight of having higher levels of resistance overwritten by lower levels of resistance should no longer happen. Do note that Bleed will still...

Legacy Content Update 2.8.0

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ARYNTIUS LEGACY - CONTENT UPDATE 2.8.0 - The Less Rippy Update

This is a small content update that also contains major reworks and a few system changes. The main goal of it was to take the first step in streamlining the player experience against "spike damage", e.g. damage that comes out of nowhere and practically one-shots the player. We've identfified the main cause as loss of Resistance and have adjusted it accordingly.


  • No longer removes Resistance from entities. (This includes players!)
  • No longer gives Speed and Haste.
  • No longer affects entities with Resistance V. (This includes players!)
  • Now inflicts Glowing.
The "Shock does not inflict Speed" modifier has been removed. Items that used it have been buffed to compensate.


Brought Cascades back from the dead, with some...

Legacy Update 2.7.1

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This is a small update that adds some quality of life and some minor balance changes.

  • Ammo Items will no longer drop from enemies.
  • Enemies will now drop the new Ammo Box item instead.
New Item: Ammo Box - Consumable
  • Can be converted into any ammo type using the GUI shown upon right-clicking with it.
  • This should noticeably reduce the drop bloat from enemies, allowing players to pick up loot faster.
Conversion costs are listed below:
  • 1x Ammo Box --> 1x Light Ammunition
  • 1x Ammo Box --> 1x Heavy Ammunition
  • 1x Ammo Box --> 1x Cluster Ammunition
  • 2x Ammo Box --> 1x Explosive Ammunition
  • 3x Ammo Box --> 1x Special Ammunition
The prices of ammunition from the Arms Dealer NPC have been adjusted to match these conversion costs.
  • Light Ammunition price...

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