Legacy Content Update 2.10.0 - The Pants & Boots Update

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Welcome to Aryntius Legacy 2.10.0!

This medium-sized update is a direct continuation of the 2.9.0 Community Update. It adds 7 new Iridescent items, some of which are community-designed, 3 new Corrupted items, 1 new unique item, and touches up on numerous older items that have since fallen out of viability due to lack of power.


Tasty Shrub (Iridescent)
- Designed by ShrubNub
Accessory - Off Hand
  • +20.0 maximum health.
  • You have Saturation (Refreshes once per second).
  • You are immune to Hunger.
  • You have 50 Strength for each level of your Resistance (Up to 200 levels of Strength).

The Survivor (Iridescent)
Armor - Helmet
  • Protection XX
  • +20.0 maximum health.
  • Adds 250-1000 damage to all melee attacks.
  • Restore 10% of your maximum health each second while you are holding an axe.

Armored Evasion (Iridescent)
Armor - Leggings
  • Protection XX
  • +15.0 maximum health.
  • Gain Resistance IV while you have Speed (Refreshes every second).
  • Restore 10% of your maximum health when you take damage.
  • Cannot be Slowed or Frozen.

Grim Sequence (Iridescent) - Designed by TurtleXXXVIII
Armor - Leggings
  • No Enchantments
  • +10.0 maximum health.
  • Gain the following effects in the exact order shown:
  • 1 second of Resistance I.
  • 2 seconds of Resistance II.
  • 3 seconds of Resistance III.
  • 4 seconds of Resistance IV.
  • 5 seconds of Resistance V.

The Marauder (Iridescent)
Armor - Boots
  • Depth Strider X, Feather Falling X
  • +100% movement speed.
  • Adds 500-1000 damage to melee attacks with axes.
  • 100% of damage from this item is converted to Chaos damage while you have Strength.

Anemic Alacrity (Iridescent)
Armor - Boots
  • Depth Strider X, Feather Falling X
  • +10.0 maximum health.
  • Gain Speed X while you do not have Regeneration. (Refreshes once per second).
  • Adds 400-800 damage to all attacks while you do not have Speed.

Sparrowhawk (Iridescent)
Armor - Boots
  • Depth Strider X, Feather Falling X
  • +80% movement speed.
  • Adds 250-500 damage to ranged attacks with bows.
  • Restore 10% of your maximum health each second while you are holding a bow.

The Nihilist (Corrupted)
Armor - Helmet
  • No enchantments.
  • Adds 10,000 Chaos damage to all attacks while you have no effects.
  • All damage taken is lethal.

Lifegiver (Corrupted)
Armor - Chestplate
  • Protection XX
  • +40.0 maximum health.
  • Restore 50% of your maximum health each second while you have Regeneration.
  • Your Resistance level cannot exceed III.

Daredevil (Corrupted)
Armor - Boots
  • Depth Strider X, Feather Falling X
  • +60% movement speed.
  • Gain Resistance V while you have Levitation.
  • You have Blindness while you have Resistance.

Realm Vessel (Unique) - Drops from Realm Guardian
Melee - Spear
  • Sharpness M
  • +4 weapon range.
  • Deals 100-250 Chaos damage.
  • Crouch to blink toward your cursor (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
  • Cannot be Slowed or Frozen.


Nameless Titan

  • Movement speed increased by 50%.
  • Slam delay decreased by 50%.
  • Light projectile detonation range increased by 50%.
  • Heavy projectiles can now travel up blocks.

Divine Platelegs (Ascended)
  • No longer refreshes Resistance V.

Riftwalker (Unique)
  • Chance to add 40 Chaos damage increased to 50% (from 35%).
  • Chance to add 80 Chaos damage increased to 25% (from 15%).

Warrior's Crest (Unique)
  • Tier changed to Mythic.
  • Now obtainable from the core drop tables.

Turtle Shield (Iridescent)
  • Resistance V duration increased to 8 seconds (from 5 seconds).
  • Haste X and Speed X duration increased to 10 seconds (from 5 seconds).
  • Now has a chance to give Strength CC for 10 seconds.

Crimson Echoes (Iridescent)
  • Melee damage increased to 500-1000 (from 400-800).
  • Healing increased to 10% of maximum health (from 2.5%).

The Hawk's Eye (Iridescent)
  • Movement speed increased to 100% (from 30%).
  • No longer adds 400 damage to ranged/magic attacks.
  • Now adds 500-1000 damage to ranged attacks with bows.

Holy Visage (Iridescent)
  • Healing on attack increased to 10% of maximum health (from 5%).
  • Healing on damage taken increased to 10% of maximum health (from 5%).
Comments: The global nerf to healing hit Holy Visage much harder than expected. We have increased its healing to give it back some of its original power.

The Unmovable Object (Iridescent)
  • Maximum health increased to 20.0 (from 15.0).
  • Now gives immunity to Levitation.
  • Now gives Protection XX and Blast Protection XX in addition to its original enchantment.

Unceasing Rampage (Iridescent)
  • Movement speed increased to 50% (from 45%).
  • Chaos damage increased to 50 (from 20).

The Blademaster (Iridescent)
  • Renamed to Master of Blades.
  • Damage with swords increased to 600-1200 (from 350-600).

Divine Peregrine (Iridescent)
  • Renamed to The Peregrine to distinguish it from the Divine armor set.
  • Now gives immunity to Slowness and Freeze.
  • Legacy versions will continue to function but will not have the slowness/freeze immunity.

The Ravager (Corrupted)
  • Self damage reduced to 300 (from 1000).

Imperfection (Corrupted)
  • Melee damage increased to 2500 (from 1250).

Annihilation (Corrupted)
  • Toxin chance increased to 100% (from 25%).

Shadowmail (Corrupted)
  • Chaos damage increased to 50 (from 40).

Despair (Corrupted)
  • Base damage increased to 80 Chaos damage (from 40).
  • Critical strike multiplier increased to 4.0 (from 3.0).

Blood Drinker (Corrupted)
  • Now deals 500-1000 base damage.

Fleshrend (Corrupted)
  • Now deals 600-1200 base damage.
  • Bleed chance increased to 50% (from 25%).

Fate's Touch (Corrupted)
  • Base damage increased to 2000 (from 1500).
  • Self damage reduced to 500 (from 1500).

Hopesunder (Corrupted)
  • No longer inflicts Bleed damage.
  • Now inflicts 300 Toxin damage over a period of 1.5s.
  • Now deals 800-1500 base damage.

Entropy (Corrupted)
  • Chance to deal Chaos damage increased to 100% (from 50%).
  • Self damage reduced to 250 (from 1000).

The Maverick (Corrupted)
  • Chaos damage per negative effect reduced to 35 (from 100).
Comments: As it turns out, reaching 500+ Chaos damage per hit was not difficult with this item and hitting the cap of 11 effects (1,100 Chaos damage) was not unheard of. We have reduced its scaling to make it match other Corrupted items such as Eye of the Eldritch (80-120 Chaos), Shadowmail (50 Chaos), and Warbringer (100 Chaos).

Skyfury (Corrupted)
  • Melee damage increased to 750-1500 (from 500-1000).
  • Now adds 400-800 damage to ranged/magic attacks against shocked enemies.

Inoculation (Corrupted)
  • Maximum health reduced to 20.0 (from 30.0).
  • Healing increased to 20% of maximum health (from 10%).
  • Now disables gold hearts while equipped.
Comments: After much fiddling and trickery, I believe I have finally balanced Inoculation... Though I do have the sneaking suspicion that I am wrong, so feel free to exploit these changes and invent some really overpowered builds while you're at it.

The Bastion (Corrupted)
  • Ranged/magic damage increased to 600-1200 (from 250-800).
  • Self-Freeze now also applies in main hand.

Stoneheart Brew (Mythic)
  • Resistance V duration reduced to 8 seconds (from 10 seconds).
  • Cooldown increased to 45.0 seconds.
Comments: With the changes made to Resistance V in 2.9.0, Stoneheart Brew has become far more powerful than originally intended. We have given it a sizable nerf to make it more difficult to have 100% uptime for Resistance V.

  • Bleed and Toxin no longer apply to players or enemies with Resistance V.
  • Rephrased the "X has no effect" modifier to "You cannot have X".
  • Improved the cooldown descriptions on all Talismans.
  • Improved Wilted Rose's (Corrupted) item description. It should look a lot cleaner now.

  • Fixed Reaper Shield (Mythic) and Scholar's Shield (Mythic) being unobtainable from the drop tables since version 2.9.0.
  • Fixed Wilted Rose (Corrupted) not being obtainable from the Junk Trader and Unidentified Corrupted chests.
  • Fixed The Bastion (Corrupted) having an extra unnecessary space in its description.
  • Fixed Unending Solstice (Iridescent) having italic text in its status effect description.
  • Fixed Shadowheart (Iridescent) removing resistance from enemies with Resistance V.
  • Fixed Architect's Wisdom (Unique) being able to hit enemies through walls.
  • Fixed duplicate drop table entries for Common tiered shields.
  • Fixed items that did 150-300 damage and 200-350 damage (non-chaos and non-elemental) not actually dealing any damage.
  • Fixed some rare instances of chaos damage bypassing Resistance V.


The Unending Darkness
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