Legacy Update 3.0.2

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December 5, 2019
Behind You

Currency conversion has been in need of a change since its introduction, as the rates were unequal and potentially confusing for new players. It was also clunky and strange to be required to walk to the nearest Coin Trader in order to sell items, especially since he stops showing up in later zones such as Vyrdano. We have made some major overhauls to the system and its rates in response to these issues.

  • The conversion GUI can now be activated using /currency, /convert, /conversion, /sigma, /change, and /cash.
  • Base conversion amount reduced to 4 (from 10).
    • This means a Star Fragment is now 1,024 Silver Coins (or 16 stacks) instead of 10,000 Silver Coins (156.25 stacks).
  • Sigmas to Silver Coins
    • Conversion Cost reduced to 30 (from 100).
  • Corrupted Fragment
    • Conversion cost reduced to 3 Star Fragments (from 16 Tearstone + 8 Star Fragments)
  • Greater Corrupted Fragment
    • Conversion cost reduced to 8 Corrupted Fragments (from 64 Corrupted Fragments).
  • Essence of Shadows
    • Conversion cost reduced to 8 Greater Corrupted Fragments (from 64 Greater Corrupted Fragments).
  • Silver Coin to Sigmas
    • Reduced to 15 (from 25).
  • Gold Coin to Sigmas
    • Reduced to 60 (from 100).
  • Uncut Diamond to Sigmas
    • Reduced to 240 (from 500).
  • Ancient Emerald to Sigmas
    • Reduced to 960 (from 1,000).
  • Tearstone to Sigmas
    • Increased to 3,840 (from 2,500).
  • Star Fragment to Sigmas
    • Increased to 15,360 (from 10,000).
The biggest advantage of these changes is that conversion prices are now symmetrical so players do not have to hoard lower tier currency items in order to grind for sigmas. The reduced upward conversion cost should also make the early-game zones require less mandatory grinding to complete.
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