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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on October 23rd, 2017.

Apologies for the lack of activity lately, but the staff and I have been hard at work creating the latest content update: Update 2.0.

Unlike before, this update reworks over 90% of all the items on the server and introduces the Labyrinth, a new dungeon tileset nearly 10 times the size of the Trials. Alongside this are massive changes to enemy scaling, over 50 new Legendary items (and even more lower-tier items) and completely reworked fights for all of the bosses in the Trials. We are also overhauling the crafting system--moving away from the original vanilla crafting and using our own system (as seen in the armorsmiths already on the server). This will, in turn, introduce a ton of new components and materials but will also mean all your previous materials will become useless. We will not be refunding anyone for their items because of how much has changed. Armors, as well, especially endgame armors, are receiving huge buffs and dropped variants will be significantly more powerful than the existing ones.

Above all, we will not be resetting the map or inventories since this content update does not affect Survival balance in any way. Notably, though, most items may become non-functional or broken due to the changes, and we highly recommend starting from scratch when the update rolls around, since much of it is balanced for the early-game and scales into the newly-reworked endgame.

As for release, we intend to begin releasing 2.0.X updates around early-to-mid November, but this is only an estimate and the actual release date will depend on what's actually finished to a comfortable degree by then. Once again, we apologize for the relative stagnation of the server lately and we hope you're as excited for 2.0 as we are!

Bonus: Here are some sneak peeks for 2.0.
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