Legacy Update 2.3.7

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on March 31st, 2019.


This is a medium-sized content update that adds numerous QoL improvements, balance changes, and bug fixes.


The Cannibal (Iridescent)

Armor - Helmet
  • Protection XX
  • +10.0 maximum health.
  • 35% chance for your attacks to inflict 500.0 Bleed damage over a period of 2.0s.
  • Restore 50.0 health over a period of 5.0s whenever you hit an enemy. (Effect stacks once each hit).
  • Reduced the damage of Labyrinth mages by 50%.
  • The Ancient Defender can now drop Labyrinth-tier Iridescent items.
  • Forgotten Hero health increased to 6,250 (from 2,000).
  • Cursed Artifact (Junk Seller)
    • Price changed to 8 Essence of Shadows (instead of 1 of each endgame currency).
  • Dusty Old Relic (Junk Seller)
    • Price reduced to 1 of each endgame currency (from 3 of each endgame currency).
Architect's Nightmare (Ascended)
  • Base damage increased to 500.0 (from 150.0).
  • Critical strike multiplier increased to 100 (from 50).
  • Headshot damage multiplier increased to 100 (from 50).
  • Fire rate increased by 75%.
  • Reload speed increased by 75%.
  • Maximum ammo capacity increased to 4 (from 3).
  • Now Shocks, Freezes, and Ignites enemies on hit.
Comments: The Architect's Nightmare has long fallen out of viability due to the dominance of multi-projectle weapons. We have given it a sizable buff in order for it to compete with other weapons of a similar tier and rarity. These changes affect all versions of the item.

Skywhisper (Ascended)
  • Shot spread has been removed.
  • Arrows are no longer affected by gravity.
Thief's Pact (Legendary)
  • Sharpness increased to 1000 (from 500).
  • Attack speed increased to 100% (from 35%).
  • No longer grants flat health restored on hit.
  • Now restores 25% of your maximum health on hit.
Comments: Thief's Pact has been notoriously weak for some time now. We have increased its strength to compete with other Rifts-tier melee weapons. These changes only affect newly-dropped versions of the item. Legacy variants will continue to function as before.

Annihilation (Corrupted)
  • Toxin damage increased to 300.0 (from 150.0).
Inoculation (Corrupted)
  • No longer removes resistance.
  • No longer fully restores health on hit.
  • Now restores 30% of your maximum health on hit.
Comments: The combination of Inoculation and Forgeheart was originally an unintended interaction and provided an incredibly strong bonus. We have opted to tone down the overall strength of Inoculation's ability while also reducing its drawbacks in order to make it useful outside of the forgeheart combo. These changes affect all versions of the item.

The Hawk's Eye (Iridescent)
  • Damage increased to 400.0 (from 250.0).
The Nomad (Iridescent)
  • Base type changed to boots.
  • Now grants +30% movement speed.
  • Now grants Depth Strider X and Feather Falling X.
  • No longer grants Protection X and Projectile Protection X.
These changes only affect newly-dropped versions of the item. Legacy variants will continue to function as before.

Venomhusk (Iridescent)
  • Burst fire reduced to 3 (from 5).
  • Projectile count reduced to 6 (from 8).
  • Base damage increased to 400.0 (from 90.0).
  • Toxin damage increased to 900.0 (from 600.0).
  • Bleed damage increased to 300.0 (from 180.0).
  • Toxin status chance increased to 50% (from 35%).
  • Bleed status chance increased to 35% (from 15%).
Comments: Venomhusk's 40-projectile barrage was causing a significant amount of lag when fired, especially in parties of 3 or more players. We have reduced the number of projectiles to fix this while also increasing the power of its status effects and base damage to compensate. These changes affect all versions of the item.

Jhin's Rifle (Iridescent)
  • Base damage reduced to 4.0 (from 44.0).
  • Headshot now deals 4444x base damage (instead of 4444.0 flat physical damage).
  • These changes affect all versions of the item.
  • Improved despawn mechanics/timers for all bosses, especially those in larger arenas.
  • Improved performance during the Architect's boss fight by reducing the number of overlapping smoke particles.
  • The Architect's clones are now a different color from the Architect himself, making it easier to distinguish them during the fight.
  • Minibosses in the Labyrinth and the Trials will no longer have boss health bars in order to avoid confusing new players.
  • Standardized the look and feel of boss health bars to be more consistent with their power.
  • Standardized the average tickrate for Toxin and Bleed. There should be significantly less random jumps or drops of damage now.
  • Reduced the volume of Bleed procs to be more consistent with Toxin procs.
  • Fixed Coin Trader prices not matching the /sell prices.
  • Fixed Void Grenades not properly dropping from enemies.
  • Fixed The Bastion not removing movement speed when another movement speed item was equipped.
  • Fixed the PvP arena not having keepInventory enabled. (Feb. 2019)
  • Fixed chests in the fourth floor of the Labyrinth spawning items incorrectly.
  • Fixed Petrus being able to teleport into the wall behind his arena.
  • Fixed numerous tilesets being escapable using Realmsplitter.
  • Fixed statues facing the wrong way in the Crumbling Castle.
  • Fixed talismans attempting to protect regions when right-clicked.
  • Fixed the floor 3 and 4 Labyrinth bosses triggering projectile skills while players were not in line of sight.
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