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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on August 3rd, 2018.


This is a moderate-sized update that buffs several endgame items in anticipation of 2.3.0, severely buffs earlygame flasks, and also tweaks major aspects of the tutorial questline.


- Added fancy new elevators to numerous areas on the server. (Notably towns and airship stations)
To use them, simply walk onto a designated platform, then crouch to go down a floor or jump to go up a floor!
- Added several new ranged weapons to the common tier in order to streamline the rough transition from Common to Uncommon gear.
- Added a vote crate to the tutorial town by popular demand.
- Added every non-unique item to the vote crate's drop tables.


- Added a new quest GUI for the Sky Captain in Paleon. This allows new players to collect their quest reward before teleporting and also adds a new option for returning players to teleport directly into Selthine.
- Added /skiptutorial command which teleports you to spawn. This is usable by any player above the starting rank.
- Cave Dwellers will now shoot toxin projectiles at nearby players.
- Players will now automatically gain Speed IV in all dungeons that are part of the tutorial questline.
- Improved the size and shape of various passageways in the Catacombs area.
- Undead Miners will now deal 3.0 bleed damage on a critical hit instead of 9.0.
- Ancient Cultist maximum health reduced to 15.0 (from 30.0).
- Brutal Cultist movement speed reduced to +20% (from +35%).
- Shadewalker maximum health reduced to 20.0 (from 40.0).
- Shadewalker movement speed increased to +20% (from +15%).
- The Shadewalker is now guaranteed to drop an Uncommon item upon death.
- Quest Reward has been changed to: 25,000 Sigmas + Settler Rank.


- Titans will now drop 2-5 of the endgame currency items per kill instead of 1.
- Titans will now drop a minimum of 8 Star Fragments up to a maximum of 16 per kill.
- Lightning Legs (Unique):
* Movement speed increased to 20% (from 15%).​
* Maximum health increased to 20.0 (from 10.0).​
* Shock chance increased to 30% (from 10%).​
- Subjugation (Unique):
* Attack speed increased to +40% (from -25%).​
* Maximum health increased to 20.0 (from 15.0).​
- Infernal Rage (Unique):
* Movement speed decreased to 30% (from 50%).​
* Maximum health increased to 20.0 (from 10.0).​
- Vraast's Chains (Unique) | Maximum health increased to 20.0 (from 15.0).
- Singularity Veil (Iridescent)| Added damage reduced to 150.0-300.0 (from 250.0-400.0).
- Singularity Crown (Iridescent)| Now adds 10.0-25.0 Chaos damage to all attacks (from 150.0-300.0 damage to all attacks).
- Talisman of Shielding (Legendary) | Passive now applies once every 1.5s (from once every 3.0s).
- Talisman of Restoration (Legendary) | Passive healing increased to 10.0 every second (from 2.0 every second).
- Talisman of Shaping (Legendary):
* Passive skill (gain a random positive effect for 5.0s every 10.0s) has been removed.​
* Now grants +20.0 maximum health.​
* Curse chance increased to 35% (from 25%).​
- Talisman of Rage (Legendary):
* Frenzy (Speed + Haste) duration increased to 10.0s (from 5.0s).​
* Frenzy (Speed + Haste) cooldown increased to 20.0s (from 10.0s).​
- Vraast's Banner (Legendary):
* Has been removed from the drop tables until 2.3.0.​
* Maximum health increased to 15.0 (from 10.0).​
* Rarity has been increased to Unique (from Legendary).​
- Byzantite Flask (Superior) | Cooldown reduced to 20s (from 60s).
- Mithril Flask (Rare) | Cooldown reduced to 20s (from 60s).
- Flask of Curing (Rare) | Cooldown reduced to 20s (from 60s).
- Flask of Swiftness (Uncommon) | Cooldown reduced to 20s (from 60s).
- Flask of Rejuvenation (Uncommon) | Cooldown reduced to 20s (from 45s).
- Flask of Healing (Common) | Cooldown reduced to 15s (from 60s).
- Flask of Frenzy (Common) | Cooldown reduced to 20s (from 45s).


- Greatly improved the quality of the starter kit. Notable improvements include:
* Bluefur armor now has Unbreaking X on every piece.​
* Bluefur armor now has level V enchants (from level II enchants).​
* Added 1 magic spell.​
* Added 1 firearm weapon.​
* Added The Unbreakable Sword.​
* Removed clutter and junk (such as wooden tools, logs, etc).​
- The Junk Trader in Vyrdano will no longer offer random boss unique items. Instead, they will now sell random Corrupted items.
- Replaced several staircases with elevators in order to facilitate faster travel. (Notably in the Mines, Selthine, and Vyrdano).
- The status effects, Ignite and Burning, will now display yellow instead of grey on Legendary items to make them more visible.
- Reduced the volume of endgame water-based spells by 50% in order to avoid going deaf.


- Fixed Deity players being able to fly and phase through walls in the tutorial areas.
- Fixed Stormhowl (Iridescent) being unobtainable due to a typo in the drop tables.
- Fixed Goresnarl (Exalted) being unobtainable due to a typo in the drop tables.
- Fixed Sawed-Off (Uncommon) being unobtainable due to a typo in the drop tables.
- Fixed numerous item names being outdated when obtained through the Junk Trader in Vyrdano.
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