Legacy Update 2.2.3

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on June 16th, 2018.


This is a moderately-sized update that adds reworks of many older items (such as spells, magical bows, etc.) and balances out some of the endgame items created around that era to make them more viable.

  • Wrath of the Void (Unique) | Chaos damage decreased to 2.0 per 10 strength (from 3.0).
  • Typhoon (Unique) | New effect: 20% chance to inflict Curse on enemies with ranged/magic attacks.
  • Glacial Spike (Legendary):
    • Base damage increased to 250.0 (from 200.0).
    • Critical strike chance increased to 35% (from 33%).
    • Critical multiplier increased to 8.0x (from 2.5x).
  • Napalm Death (Legendary):
    • Base damage increased to 350.0 (from 300.0).
    • Cast speed increased to Fast (from Slow).
    • Now inflicts the 2.2.0 Ignite debuff instead of the 1.0.0 version.
  • Relentless Pursuit (Legendary) | Now holds up to 3 charges.
  • Warbringer (Corrupted) | Chaos damage increased to 3.0 per 10 strength (from 2.0).
  • The Lifetaker (Corrupted):
    • Renamed to be "Lifetaker".
    • Base damage increased to 1250.0x6 (from 250.0x3).
    • Total shots increased to 8 (from 1).
    • Now lists total cooldown instead of cooldown per arrow.
  • Frostfall Bow (Exalted) | Total shots increased to 3 (from 1).
  • Ebonwood Bow (Superior) | Total shots increased to 5 (from 1).
  • Spirit Bow (Rare) | Total shots increased to 3 (from 1).
  • Critical hit modifiers are now displayed as doubles instead of integers.
  • Older spells that hold only one charge will now be able to refresh without being held by default.
  • Removed the "Recharges independently from main hand" stat from all items because it has been rendered obsolete.
  • Added slight clarification to the last line of stats on auras (denotes that it only affects the aura itself, not ALL ranged items).
  • The Void Trader will no longer sell Shadowmail and will instead sell Unending Solstice in its place.
  • Void Pact (Iridescent) shop price has been reduced to 128 Star Fragments (from 1024 Star Fragments).
  • Fixed the Void Trader displaying items with their old stats.
  • Fixed numerous items not properly displaying the Freeze effect in blue text.
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