Legacy Update 2.0.3

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on November 10th, 2017.


This is yet another update for 2.0, adding 4 new boss-exclusive items and a few fixes/changes to the Void.

  • Architect's Vision (Legendary) - Flask. Gain Haste X and Speed X for 10.0 seconds. Gain Night Vision for 30.0 seconds. Instantly restore 100.0 HP. Removes all negative effects on usage.
  • Architect's Wisdom (Legendary) - Melee. Sharpness D (500). Ability deals 20.0 damage in a radius of 4 blocks. Ability has a 1.5 second cooldown. Knocks all nearby enemies back and inflicts Frozen, Blindness, and Confusion for up to 5.0 seconds on all targets inside radius.
  • Architect's Intuition (Legendary) - 500.0 Ranged damage. Uses Iron Nuggets as ammo. Fires a burst of 3 shots. Crouching reduces spread. Very Slow fire rate and projectile speed.
  • Architect's Knowledge (Legendary) - 300.0 Magic damage. Insanely fast cast speed. Very slow charge speed. 50% less movement speed when held in your main hand.
  • Void Armor will no longer drop from the three bosses in the Trials.
  • N'azhrak now has a 100% chance of dropping a random piece of Void Armor upon defeat.
  • N'azhrak now has a 100% chance of dropping one of his five unique Legendary items upon defeat:
    • Eldritch Aegis
    • Infinity Shard
    • Perfect Shadow
    • Cascades
    • The Singularity
  • N'azhrak's homing missiles now deal 200.0 base damage. (up from 30.0)
  • N'azhrak's Void Storm now deals 400.0 base damage (up from 125.0)
  • N'azhrak's Lightning attack now deals 30.0 true damage (up from 10.0)
  • Added Charm of Shadows to the Legendary loot table. It will now drop from any enemy that drops Legendary items.
  • Added Eye of the Void to N'azhrak's drop table. It will now drop with 20% chance on death, regardless of his other drop rates.
  • Removed the Void Trader NPC. They will return in a later update.
  • Fixed some mob spawning issues around the spawn.
  • Fixed Void Key Fragments not dropping from bosses in the Trials.
  • Fixed Perfect Shadow not dropping from N'azhrak.
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