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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on July 18th, 2017.


This is the 7th and final update of the Wrath of the Void expansion, introducing a completely reworked mobs system, a brand new boss, and numerous changes and reworks to existing items.

  • Updated the server to 1.12. Enjoy the parrots and sweet new building blocks!
  • Added a new boss: N'azhrak, Father of Magic - An incredibly difficult boss found in the Void with multiple phases, groundbreaking new attacks, and lore that ties the entire expansion together.
  • Added several new modifiers for items, such as movement speed and increased HP. These will now spawn randomly with the new drops.
  • Added boss health displays at the top of the screen for every Boss and Mini-Boss.
  • Added dialogue to every Boss and some of the rare enemies.
  • Added a second phase to Y'razotj's fight. He will now shoot fireballs that deal 60.0 physical damage every 8 seconds or so when below 50% HP.
  • Added a refresh timer to most weapons. This is entirely visual and will display in your action bar when reloading/recharging.
  • Added a disposal command. Use /disposal (or /dp) to open a GUI to throw away unwanted items. No more inventory clutter!
  • Consumable: Scroll of Holy Smite (Legendary) - Deal 250.0x3 magic damage. 15.0s cooldown.
  • Consumable: Scroll of Lifeforce (Legendary) - Gain 10.0 extra hearts for 5 minutes. 30.0s cooldown.
  • Accessory: Spirit Offering (Legendary) - Gain 10.0 HP when you equip this in your off hand. You are immune to all lethal damage for one hit. Item consumed on secondary effect activation. - Drops from Y'razotj in the Trial of Sorrow.
  • Various new rare and superior items dropped in the Trials.
  • Cascades (Legendary) has an entirely new fire pattern and will pass through walls. Max charges increased to 8. Reload time increased to 5.0 seconds.
  • Last Reckoning (Legendary) will now increase its fire rate on each successive shot until it reloads. Base damage increased to 25.0. Magazine size increased to 64.
  • Reworked several armor sets:
  • VOID ARMOR (Legendary)
    • Set Bonus: Resist. IV, +20.0 Absorption HP
    • Effect (Head): Regen. IV, +10% movement speed.
    • Effect (Body): Strength V, +5.0 HP while equipped.
    • Effect (Legs): Fire Resist, +50% knockback resist.
    • Effect (Boots): Speed II, +40% movement speed.
    • Note: Legacy variants with the Forbidden tier and old set bonuses will still function.
  • SINGULARITY ARMOR (Iridescent)
    • Set Bonus: Resist. IV
    • Effect (Head): +5.0 HP while equipped, +20% movement speed.
    • Effect (Body): +5.0 HP while equipped, Fire Resist.
    • Effect (Legs): +5.0 HP while equipped, +50% knockback resist.
    • Effect (Boots): +5.0 HP while equipped, +60% movement speed.
    • Note: Legacy variants will NOT have the new attributes and stats!
  • VOID CULTIST ARMOR (Corrupted)
    • Set Bonus: +40.0 Absorption HP
    • Effect (Head): Blindness
    • Effect (Body): Slowness IV
    • Effect (Legs): Mining Fatigue IV
    • Effect (Boots): Weakness IV
    • Note: Legacy variants will no longer function.
  • The Event Horizon (Iridescent) rework:
    • While wearing Void armor: Increase your absorption HP to 30.0.
    • While wearing Titan armor: Gain Speed IV and Regen. VII.
    • While wearing Redeemer's armor: Increase your absorption HP to 40.0.
    • While wearing Dragonscale armor: Heal 4.0 HP whenever you attack an enemy.
  • Paladin's Shield (Iridescent) rework:
    • Gain 5.0 HP when equipped in your off hand.
    • Gain 15.0 HP when equipped in your main hand.
  • Buffed every tool's enchants slightly.
  • Severely decreased Y'razotj's movement speed.
  • Tidal Fury (Legendary) damage increased to 22.5 from 16.5.
  • Titan Blade (Legendary) damage increased to Sharpness L (50) from Sharpness X (10).
  • Inferno (Legendary) damage increased to 90.0x12. Cooldown decreased to 10.0 seconds.
  • Titan Armor (Legendary) will now give 20.0 bonus hearts while the full set is equipped. (5.0 per piece).
  • Titan Armor (Legendary) now has a -40% movement speed penalty (-10% per piece).
  • Dragonscale Armor (Legendary) will now give 5.0 bonus hearts when the full set is equipped. (1.0 for helm/boots. 1.5 for chest/leggings).
  • Redeemer's Armor (Legendary) will now take away 10.0 hearts when the full set is equipped. (1.0 for helm. 2.0 for leggings/boots. 5.0 for chest).
  • Redeemer's Armor (Legendary) bonus absorption hearts changed to 40.0 from 30.0.
  • Redeemer's Chainbody (Legendary) effect changed to: "Gain Resistance IV".
  • Charm of Infinite Value (Legendary) effect changed to: "Whenever you attack, heal 2.0 HP".
  • Dragon's Tear (Iridescent) will now give 5.0 bonus hearts when equipped in your off hand.
  • Imperial Feather (Iridescent) effect changed to Haste IV, Speed IV.
  • Staff of Euzhe (Iridescent) will now give Resistance V instead of IV for 0.8s on hit. Projectiles now have a 50% chance to bounce.
  • The Spectral Hunter (Corrupted) enchant increased to Power C.
  • Life's Bane (Corrupted) effect changed to: "Gain 2x melee damage on attack, stacking up to 3 times"
  • Celestial Armor (Ultimate) effect increased to Resist. III, Regen. III.
  • Celestial Armor (Ultimate) will now give 15.0 extra HP while equipped. (5.0 for Chest, 4.0 for Leggings, 3.0 for Helm/Boots)
  • Celestial Armor (Ultimate) now has a -40% movement speed penalty (-10% per piece).
  • Heartless Matador (Ultimate) damage increased to 20.0x4.
  • Byzantite Armor (Superior) effect increased to Resist. III. Enchants greatly increased. Armor will now have a maroon dye color and 100% knockback resist. (25% per piece).
  • Ebonwood Bow (Superior) cooldown decreased to 5.0 seconds.
  • Falcon Armor (Superior) effect changed to Speed II, Resist. II. Armor now boasts a 40% implicit movement speed bonus (10% per piece).
  • Firesong Armor (Superior) will now have 10.0 extra hearts. (2.5 per piece).
  • Mithril Armor (Rare) will now have 40% extra movement speed. (10% per piece).
  • Bunny Armor (Rare) will now have 100% knockback resist. (25% per piece).
  • Aquir Armor (Rare) will now have 20% extra movement speed and 5.0 extra hearts. (5% per piece, 1.0 heart per piece except chest, which gives 2.0).
  • Rune Priest Armor (Rare) effect changed to Regen. III. The set will also now have 10.0 extra hearts (2.0 for helm/boots. 3.0 for chest/leggings).
  • Rushwalker Armor (Uncommon) will now boast 100% knockback resist. (25% per piece).
  • Pleated Armor (Uncommon) will now have 20% increased movement speed (5% per piece).
  • Hard Leather Armor (Uncommon) will now have 5.0 extra hearts (1.0 for helm/boots. 1.5 for chest/leggings).
  • Lowered HP of Ancient Wraith to 200 (from 250).
  • Lowered HP of Ancient Spectre to 150 (from 250).
  • Decreased attack damage of Elder Wraiths to 5.0 (from 7.0).
  • Increased attack damage of Ancient Wraith to 10.0 (from 7.0).
  • Decreased attack damage of Fallen Hero to 50.0 (from 100.0)
  • Decreased health of Fallen Hero to 950.0 (from 1250.0)
  • The majority of item drops are now globally shared by all enemies. Only special Legendaries and certain materials remain boss-exclusive.
  • Armor will no longer have infinite durability by default. However, most newly-acquired set items should be unbreakable.
  • Changed dye color of Shadewalker (Ultimate) armor to gray to avoid confusion with Void armor.
  • Charm of Plenty (Legendary) description rephrased to: "You are immune to Hunger".
  • Coronal Ejection (Legendary) now has an alt-fire mode when crouching.
  • Improved various weapon trail animations (notably, Napalm Death, Tidal Fury, and Cascades)
  • Numerous other item display fixes and changes.
  • Fixed enemy spawning issues due to the new custom mobs system.
  • Fixed Dragonscale chestplate having incorrect effects.
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