Legacy Update 1.1.6

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on June 20th, 2017.


This is the sixth update to the Wrath of the Void expansion, containing a major rework of many endgame mechanics and items to increase loadout diversity and make the server generally less... monotonous.

  • Weapon: Void Blossom (Iridescent) - 10.0x8 Magic damage. Curses target for 3.0s on hit. Drops from the Abyss Lord. (Curse = Severely blinds, slows, and stops regeneration on targets)
  • Dragon's Heart (Legendary) changed to Resist. IV and 3x melee damage instead of Regen. IV and 5x melee damage.
  • Cascades (Legendary) cast time decreased to 0.4 seconds instead of 0.5 seconds.
  • World bosses will no longer spawn in the overworld. Instead, they will appear with higher frequency in the Nether and The End.
  • Altered Dragon's Tear (Iridescent) lore and greatly increased drop chance. (7.5% from Y'razotj, as opposed to 2.5%)
  • Reworked the Abyss Lord fight to prevent spawning glitches. The fight will now include 1 Abyss Lord (Archer) and 3 Abyss Walkers (Melee). Abyss Lord HP increased to 1200 (from 800). Abyss Walker HP decreased to 400 (from 1200).
  • Ascendant cost increased to 10 Titan Souls. Deity cost increased to 30 Titan Souls. This was done due to the ease of the reworked Abyss Lord.
Reworked 2 of the 4 endgame armor sets entirely, with their new stats displayed below:

[ REDEEMER'S ARMOR (Legendary) ]
Set Bonus: Gain 40.0 absorption hearts that refresh every 10 seconds.
  • Effect (Head): Fire Resistance
  • Effect (Body): No bonuses
  • Effect (Legs): Jump Boost III
  • Effect (Boots): Speed III
Originally: Regen. VII/Speed III set bonus (no individual effects)

Set Bonus: Gain Regeneration X.
  • Effect (Head): Strength X
  • Effect (Body): Fire Resistance
  • Effect (Legs): Haste IV
  • Effect (Boots): Speed IV
Originally: Strength X/Speed IV set bonus (no individual effects)

  • Fixed rankup message displaying Sigmas instead of Titan Souls for Deity and Ascendant.
  • Fixed some strange NPC pathfinding issues (hopefully).
  • Fixed Void Knight not attacking players when approached.
  • Fixed lighting irregularities in the armors warp.
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