Legacy Update 1.1.5

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on June 10th, 2017.


This is a summary of the fifth update to the Wrath of the Void expansion, consisting mostly of reworks, clarifications, and a few bug fixes.

  • Weapon: Lithaan's Remorse (Legendary) - 30.0 Melee damage. Silences target for 2.0s on hit. Drops from the Abyss Lord.
  • Weapon: Hunter's Staff (Ultimate) - 20.0 Magic damage. Summons wolves that target enemies. Wolves die after 8 seconds. Purchased from Hunter NPC at spawn
  • Added temporary 1.12 support. Due to the nature of this solution (the server still runs on 1.11.2), expect some bugs, lag spikes, and/or crashing. If you continue having problems in 1.12, it is suggested to switch back to 1.11.2 until the server is fully updated to 1.12.
  • Added difficulty ratings/recommended item tiers to all of the trials, including the Void.
  • Added charge speed stats to all multishot magic weapons.
  • Added sounds to Tidal Fury's and Cascades' recharging animations.
  • Added proper notation to boss-specific Legendary items:
    - Y'razotj, Dragonslayer (Green): Head of Y'razotj, The Dragoon
    - Rith the Foolish/Keth the Wise (Red): Serpent's Fang, Inferno, Napalm Death
    - Nalok the Sentinel (Blue): Tidal Fury, Tigris Aquira, Aquir Justicar
    - The Abyss Lord (Violet): Cascades, Infinity Shard
    - ??? (White): Lithaan's Remorse
  • Increased Cascades' max charges to 7 (up from 5).
  • We are introducing the Legacy system, where older weapons that were reworked will still work perfectly with their previous abilities afterward. But new drops of the same item will have completely altered traits. Three weapons have been added to the Legacy list, with their respective reworks listed below.
    - Reworked the Serpent's Fang entirely. New stats: Melee/Magic hybrid, 75.0 Melee damage, 40.0x3 magic damage. 24 attacks per charge. Very fast cast speed, slow charge speed. Drops from the same location as before.
    - Reworked the Aquir Justicar as well. New stats: Sharpness L, 10.0x8 Ability damage, 2.0 second cooldown. Slows and weakens targets for 5.0 seconds. Drops from the same location as before.
    - Tigris rarity changed to Ultimate (down from Legendary). Now drops from the Ancient Spectre and Y'razotj the Undying.
  • Fixed potions disappearing from inventory when clicked on.
  • Fixed crashing when 1.12 clients entered the nether.
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