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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on May 13th, 2017.

===ARYNTIUS UPDATE 1.1.4====

This is the fourth update to the Wrath of the Void expansion, which includes some reworks, a few new endgame items, and a large amount of balance changes.

  • Completely reworked Crafting Warp to be a lot clearer and easier to navigate.
  • Added new NPC in spawn - Arms Dealer. This NPC sells gun blueprints at an affordable price!
  • Added several other new NPCs with multiple functions.
  • Consumable: Scroll of Immunity (Corrupted) - Gain Resist. V for 12.0s but suffer slowness/blindness for 20.0s. Drops from Forgotten Hero in the Void dungeon.
  • Weapon: Bowl of Blood (Corrupted) - 12.0x3 Magic damage. Drains health equal to the damage dealt. Drops from Forgotten Hero in the Void dungeon.
  • Weapon: Apple of Discord (Legendary) - 20.0x5 Magic damage. On hit, gain 20.0 absorption hearts. 25% chance to deal double damage. Drops from the Abyss Lord in the Void dungeon.
  • Hunting Rifle (Rare) - Now deals 5.0 ranged damage with a crit factor of 4. Up from 4.0 ranged damage with a crit factor of 2.
  • The Toxic Avenger (Superior) - Base damage increased to 18.0 (up from 6.0)
  • The Guillotine (Ultimate) - Base damage increased to 8.0 (up from 6.0)
  • Fleur de la Mort (Corrupted) - Base damage increased to 30.0 (up from 19.0)
  • Jhin's Rifle (Legendary) - Rarity changed to Iridescent. Base damage decreased to 4.0 (from 14.0). Crit factor increased to 44. (up from 4). Slow time increased to 4.0 seconds (up from 2.5). Added effect: disable enemy regeneration for 4.0 seconds.
  • Napalm Death (Legendary) - Damage increased to 225.0 (up from 120.0)
  • Titan Blade (Legendary) - Added Effect: Strength IV
  • Void Knight's damage changed to 4.0 (down from 8.0). Respawn time changed to 2 minutes (up from 1 minute)
  • Changed starting balance to be 5000 instead of an extremely cruel 0.
  • Added a shield to the starter items.
  • Fixed Helios Stormbow recipe displaying base damage as 5.0 instead of 10.0.
  • Fixed some lag issues related to guards.
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