Legacy Update 1.1.3

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on May 2nd, 2017.


This is the third update to the Wrath of the Void expansion, including a spawn rework and much, much more!

  • Completely reworked spawn to have a more intuitive layout with tons of new shops and NPCs.
  • Added several new minibosses geared towards newer players.
  • Added Scrolls, temporary magic items.
  • The wilderness button has been replaced by the Fire Keeper NPC. Right-click them to teleport into the wild!
  • The crafting portal in spawn has been replaced by the Craftsman NPC. Right-click them to view the crafting recipes!
  • Void Armor melee damage reduced from Strength X to Strength V. (It was never meant to replace Dragonscale entirely)
  • Charm of Leaping effect changed to: Gain Jump Boost X if you also have a full set of Bunny Armor equipped.
  • Miniboss: Void Knight. Recommended for new players. Drops a crossbow and a magic item upon defeat.
  • Miniboss: Depth Dweller. Recommended for mid-level players. Drops byzantite and other mid-tier items upon defeat.
  • Consumable: Fireball (Common) - 12.0 Magic Damage. 1 Second cooldown.
  • Consumable: Tidal Wave (Uncommon) - 6.0x3 Magic Damage. 1 Second cooldown.
  • Consumable: Earth Strike (Rare) - 4.0x4 Magic Damage. Heals user by 4.0 per hit. 3 Second cooldown.
  • Consumable: Wind Slash (Superior) - 8.0 Magic Damage. Inflicts 15.0 bleed damage over 2 seconds. 3 Second cooldown.
  • Weapon: Tracker's Blade (Rare) - Sharpness X, Mending. Haste I. Sold by Hunter.
  • Weapon: Damaged Longbow (Uncommon) - Power V. Sold by Hunter.
  • Weapon: Angry Shortbow (Common) - Power III. Sold by Hunter.
  • Fixed certain commands not working due to cooldowns.
  • Fixed some armor stand issues.
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