Legacy Update 1.1.2

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on April 9th, 2017.


This is the second update to Wrath of the Void, adding several new weapons, PvP balancing, and some other minor changes. There are no bug fixes for this update.

  • Added new weapon type: bow. A fully charged shot fires an extremely deadly special attack.
  • PvP now has a 5 second invincibility timer upon respawn, where the player who died cannot be attacked and also cannot attack others.
  • Removed PvP penalties on login/logout due to how common connection drops are for players with high ping.
  • Weapon: Spirit Bow (Rare) - Power V, special attack deals 20.0 ranged damage with a 2 second cooldown. Dropped from Drowned in the Trial of Cunning.
  • Weapon: Bow of Darkness (Superior) - Power X, special attack deals 14.0x3 ranged damage with an 8 second cooldown. Dropped from Elder Spectres in the Trial of Sorrow.
  • Weapon: Frostfall Bow (Ultimate) - Power XVII, special attack deals 19.0x4 ranged damage with a 2 second cooldown. Shots freeze enemies for 3.5s upon hit. Dropped from the Volcanic Spectre in the Trial of Hatred.
  • Weapon: The Life Hunter (Corrupted) - Power XLVII, special attack deals 60.0x5 ranged damage with a 0.5 second cooldown. The wielder, however, takes 10.0-20.0 hearts per shot. Dropped from the Forgotten Hero in the Void dungeon.
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