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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on February 21st, 2017.


This is the first patch of the Trials of the Aquir update, mostly to fix certain bugs, but also to add new items and balance the current gameplay mechanics.

  • Added several new NPCs around the spawn city, some of which may have shops and other cool stuff!
  • Added some new rooms to the Trial of Sorrow, one of which serves as Y'razotj's new boss room.
  • New Weapon: Iridium Scattergun (Ultimate) - 10.0x5 damage. Crouch to focus fire.
  • Moved rarity box to the left of spawn and added a ladder down for easier accessibility.
  • Stampede Boots, Featherborne Boots, and Super Bunny Hoppers will now drop from mini-bosses in the trials.
  • Coronal Ejection [Scattergun] (Legendary) crafting recipe has been removed.
  • Coronal Ejection [Scattergun] (Legendary) damage increased to 20.0x12 from 12.0x16. Spread greatly reduced.
  • Reworked several portals of the crafting hub to be easier to access.
  • Various recipe changes to make crafting more dynamic and interesting.
  • Fixed a massive crafting bug that invalidated over half of our recipes.
  • Fixed enchantments disappearing on certain equipment.
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