Legacy Hotfix 2.3.6b

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on February 20th, 2019.

===ARYNTIUS UPDATE 2.3.6b===

This is a large update that adds some new items, various QoL changes, and tons of bug fixes.


Added a brand new PvP arena which can be found in /warp pvp.

Ring of Blades (Iridescent)
Armor - Chestplate.
  • +15.0 maximum health.
  • Triggers Bladestorm whenever you attack an enemy.
  • Bladestorm fires 4 volleys of 5 projectiles that deal 75.0 Chaos damage.
  • Ability Cooldown: 2.0 seconds.
Frost Bomb (Legendary)
Weapon (Magic - Casted)
  • Cast Speed: Very Slow
  • Charge Speed: Very Slow
  • Base Damage: 750.0
  • Bolts explode upon impact.
  • Explosion has a radius of 5 blocks.
  • Explosion freezes all targets within radius for up to 10.0s.
  • Reduced the price of the Junk Seller's Dusty Old Relic to 3 of each endgame currency (instead of 5).
  • Reduced the number of enemies that spawn inside Maugri's boss room.
  • Realmsplitter (Iridescent):
    • Smite increased to 1000 (from 100).
    • Teleporting no longer requires a target and will now use the cursor.
    • Teleport cooldown increased to 5 seconds (from 1 second).
    • Teleport radius increased to 25 blocks (from 15 blocks).
  • The Vanguard (Iridescent):
    • No longer gives flat chaos damage at Speed V.
    • Now gives 5.0 Chaos damage for every level of Speed (Up to 50.0 at Speed X).
  • Fleeting Victory (Corrupted)
    • Internal ability cooldown has been removed. This allows the gold hearts to refresh on every hit.
  • Emberheart (Legendary):
    • Restoration now only applies to melee attacks.
    • Restoration increased to 15.0 (from 12.5).
  • Runeleaf Leggings (Legendary):
    • Melee restoration increased to 15.0 (from 12.0).
    • Ranged restoration decreased to 4.0 (from 6.0).
  • Corpse Shroud (Mythic)
    • Restoration now only applies to melee attacks.
  • Hopetassel (Mythic)
    • Restoration now only applies to melee attacks.
  • Greatly improved the overall look and feel of the Rifts menu.
  • Greatly improved the description of Thrunn of Looys (Iridescent).
  • Improved the overall curvature and shape of Maugri's boss room.
  • Shortened the messages sent to the player while obtaining covenant titles.
  • Streamlined various internal shop mechanics. This should allow us to futureproof numerous upcoming features.
  • Added an extra line to Petrus Anulla's description to show how its ability stacks.
  • Removed Vraast's Malice from the drop tables. It has been replaced by Frost Bomb.
    Legacy versions will continue to function.
  • Removed the Nether and the End due to severe lag issues.
  • Fixed the starter kit spawning incorrect items.
  • Fixed damage holograms displaying double their intended value.
  • Fixed some lag issues with teleports and chunk loading.
  • Fixed chat item hovers being unviewable with 1.13.2 clients.
  • Fixed various NPC shops giving nothing if the player's inventory was full.
  • Fixed Horuk and Deathlord1337 giving items from an outdated drop table.
  • Fixed players going out of bounds in the labyrinth while using /back.
  • Fixed Glacial Spirits summoned by Vraast having incorrectly-colored names.
  • Fixed the Junk Seller offering a Legendary option that no longer worked.
  • Fixed Architect's Wisdom rarely losing durability while attacking.
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