Legacy Hotfix 2.3.6a

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on January 19th, 2019.

===ARYNTIUS UPDATE 2.3.6a===

This is a large bugfix update that also adds some new items while tweaking a few others.


Razorfoot (Iridescent)

Armor - Boots
  • Depth Strider X, Feather Falling X.
  • +75% movement speed.
  • Adds 2500.0 damage to all attacks.
  • Deals 500.0 less damage for every level of your Resistance.
    (No extra damage dealt at level V).

The Bastion (Iridescent)
Armor - Boots
  • No Enchantments
  • 0% movement speed while equipped.
  • Adds 10000.0 damage to all melee attacks.
  • Adds 3500.0 damage to all ranged/magic attacks.

Thunderwing (Corrupted)
Accessory (Off-Hand)
  • Adds 1000.0-1500.0 damage to all ranged/magic attacks.
  • 20% chance to Shock enemies while you have Strength.
  • Regeneration has no effect.

  • Dream Saber (Legendary):
    • Chaos damage increased to 120.0 (from 80.0).
    • Now has 35% chance to inflict Curse on hit.
  • Siege Cannon (Iridescent):
    • Critical strike chance reduced to 30%.
    • Critical multiplier increased to 20.0 (from 3.0).
  • Scythe of the Sands (Iridescent)
    • Now deals 12.0 Chaos damage for every 20.0 gold hearts. (Up to 60.0 with 100.0 gold hearts).
  • Shadowmail (Corrupted)
    • Now deals 1.0 Chaos damage to the player instead of 5.0.
  • Charm of Deftness will now passively remove Freeze much like Rimestride and Juggernaut Boots. This affects all versions of the item.
  • Changed the item description of Ambition due to reflect how it is unable to mitigate lethal Chaos damage.
  • Players can now use /back in dungeon areas.
  • Fixed a serious crash issue while using the /wild command.
  • Fixed some typos on NPC menus.
  • Fixed the Headsman not dropping from monsters.
  • Fixed the Fletcher's shop displaying bow stats incorrectly.
  • Fixed Sahuvar's Mind dropping with the wrong enchantments.
  • Fixed Molten Strike dropping from the wrong boss.
  • Fixed The Serpent's Fang not dropping from Rith.
  • Fixed some grammar issues on the Turtle Shield.
  • Fixed some grammar issues with older announcements.
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