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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on October 23rd, 2018.

===ARYNTIUS UPDATE 2.3.1b===

This is a bugfix update that adds some backend changes and some balance changes. It also adds support for 1.13.2 clients and fixes some of the block display bugs.

  • Venomhusk (Iridescent):
    • Toxin damage increased to 600.0 (from 300.0).
    • Bleed damage decreased to 180.0 (from 480.0).
    • Damage no longer has an internal cooldown.
  • Delusion (Unique)
    • Damage no longer has an internal cooldown.
  • Creeping Death (Corrupted)
    • Damage no longer has an internal cooldown.
  • Jewel of Fire (Corrupted):
    • Self Freeze now applies whenever you hit an enemy monster/boss.
    • Strength CC now applies while equipped.
  • Icetomb Crown (Corrupted)
    • Damage against Frozen enemies increased to 800.0 (from 200.0).
  • Icetomb Greaves (Corrupted)
    • Resistance duration decreased to 2.0s (from 5.0s).
  • Tickrate for non-hotbar accessories and armor skills has been increased. Freeze immunity and other similar effects should now feel noticeably smoother.
  • Vraast can no longer be Frozen.
  • Magmos can no longer be Ignited.
  • Nameless Titan no longer loses Resistance from Shock.
  • Sahuvar's second phase has been reworked entirely. It is now identical to the first phase except for the following differences:
    • Sahuvar gains 3 dash + melee attacks over a period of 1.5s instead of 1 over a period of 1.0s.
    • Projectile attacks now deal up to 100.0 bleed damage over a period of 1.5 seconds.
    • Projectile attacks no longer deal Toxin damage.
  • Fixed Sahuvar's phases having no global cooldown, which allowed him to run 2 different boss phases simultaneously.
  • Fixed Hematurgy not dealing any bleed damage while equipped with multi-projectile weapons.
  • Fixed Miasma not stacking any added Toxin damage.
  • Fixed Izenyrl's loot explosion spawning items below the arena.
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