Legacy Hotfix 2.2.6d + 1.13 Compatability

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on September 23rd, 2018.

===ARYNTIUS UPDATE 2.2.6d===

This is a small update that reworks The Flood and changes some other endgame settings.

  • Rework: The Flood (Iridescent):
    • 125.0 x 2 Base Damage
    • Deals 30.0 extra Chaos damage while you have Waterbreathing.
    • Deals 3.0 extra Chaos damage for every level of Regeneration. (Up to 30.0 extra chaos damage at Regeneration X).
  • Added the Assassin's armor set to the Junk Trader's drop tables.
  • Increased Stormhowl's drop rate by 50%.
  • Fixed key fragments not dropping properly in the Trials.
===1.13 Compatability===

We have enabled partial client compatability with 1.13 and 1.13.1 clients. This allows clients on newer versions of Minecraft to join the server, which runs on 1.12.2. Similar to the 1.11.2-->1.12 update, new features introduced in 1.13 such as command-completion and new blocks will not be available due to the version disparity.

Since 1.13 is one of the largest updates in history, however, there will be some major bugs that will be evident when joining the server on a newer client. These include:
  • Fences, doors, and other 2-high or 2-wide blocks not connecting properly.
  • Incorrect colors and/or formatting with text and items.
  • Certain sounds not playing at all. (Such as jukeboxes).
Thus, it is still recommended to play on a client with version 1.12.2 for the most optimal experience, but the option for playing on 1.13 remains available.
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