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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on June 21st, 2018.

===ARYNTIUS UPDATE 2.2.3a===

This is a moderate-sized bugfix update that iterates on the changes introduced in 2.2.3 and also adds in a proper rework for the Void Cultist armor set.

  • Void Cultist Armor Set (Corrupted):
    • Helmet:
      • Enchantments changed to Protection XX.
      • Now adds 100.0 damage to all ranged/magic attacks.
    • Chestplate:
      • Enchantments changed to Projectile Protection XX.
      • New effect: 50% chance to deal 60.0 bleed damage over a period of 1.5s with all attacks.
    • Leggings:
      • Enchantments changed to Blast Protection XX.
      • Now restores 30.0 health over a period of 3.0s whenever you hit an enemy.
    • Boots:
      • Enchantments changed to Depth Strider X, Feather Falling X.
      • Now adds 100% movement speed.
  • Void Blossom (Iridescent):
    • Maximum charges reduced to 1 (from 3).
    • Now properly inflicts Curse on hit.
    • Charge time increased to 1.0s (from 0.5s).
  • Unending Solstice (Iridescent):
    • Ranged/magic chaos damage reduced to 40.0 (from 100.0).
    • Melee chaos damage reduced to 120.0 (from 500.0).
  • Eternal Catalyst (Iridescent):
    • Base Chaos damage increased to 20.0 (from 10.0).
    • Chance to add 80.0 Chaos damage to ranged/magic attacks increased to 15% (from 10%).
  • Ancestal Effigy (Unique):
    • Movement speed decreased to -20% (from +35%).
    • Maximum health increased to 20.0 (from 15.0).
    • Restoration increased to 10.0 per second (from 3.0 per second).
  • Riftwalker (Unique):
    • Base chaos damage increased to 40.0 (from 10.0).
    • Critical chaos damage increased to 80.0 (from 25.0).
  • Rimestride (Unique):
    • Movement speed increased to 35% (from 25%).
    • Maximum health increased to 20.0 (from 10.0).
  • Featherborne Boots (Corrupted):
    • Now grants +20.0 maximum health and +50% movement speed.
    • Speed and Jump Boost now trigger when you take damage and last for up to 10.0s.
    • Jump Boost level increased to 3 (from 1).
  • The Undaunted (Corrupted) | Now adds 750.0 damage to all melee attacks (from 500.0).
  • Shadowmail (Corrupted) | Added chaos damage increased to 40.0 (from 10.0).
  • Most bosses will no longer display their name and title in dialogue and will instead only display their name. Their titles will remain visible in the boss bar.
  • Freeze is now more consistent as a debuff (inflicts both slowness and mining fatigue).
  • Updated the descriptions of numerous items to conform with the current display format.
  • All Auras except the Orb of Chaos have been removed from the server. You can read a development manifesto about these changes [here].
  • Fixed Cascades (Unique) displaying an outdated charge stat.
  • Fixed Jhin's Rifle (Iridescent) not freezing enemies.
  • Fixed Bowl of Blood (Corrupted) spawning with incorrect attributes.
  • Fixed numerous spells not displaying Charge speeds.
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