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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on April 6th, 2018

===ARYNTIUS UPDATE 2.2.0a===

This is a major hotfix update that addresses many of the issues introduced on 2.2.0's launch day. You can read a development manifesto about the changes [here].

  • All auras have had their range reduced to 1.5 blocks (from 5 blocks).
  • The Flood (Iridescent) range has been reduced to 25 blocks (from 60 blocks). Cast speed increased by 200%. Base damage reduced to 150.0. Status effects will no longer proc 100% of the time.
  • Ashen Burst (Exalted) ranged has been decreased to 8 blocks (from 20 blocks).
  • PvP is now disabled in every major world except the Nether.
  • Removed /pvp and all related commands. We will replace it with a warp to a new PvP arena later on.
  • Auras/AoE weapons will now display 2 extra stats:
    • Gains damage/status bonuses from melee items and accessories.
    • Ranged/magic bonuses have no effect.
  • Thrunn of Looys (Legendary) tier increased to Iridescent. Item's stats have been significantly reworked. Details are listed in the manifesto.
  • Cascades (Legendary) will no longer have charge time. Instead it will have a cooldown independent of the inventory slot. Range decreased by 50%.
  • Fixed new status effects bypassing PvP (as described in the manifesto).
  • Fixed /tpahere working in dungeons and Vyrdano. It is suggested to use /ptp in order to teleport to each other within these areas.
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