Important Global Forum Rules

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December 5, 2019
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The following rules apply to all users in all forums and sub-forums.

I. Absolutely no spam. Any posts that are automated or contain advertisements, links to other servers, duplicates of other posts/threads, submitting multiple ban appeals for the same infraction, or unwarranted staff pings are considered spam and will be deleted on sight with the poster in question having their forum and site privileges permanently revoked.

II. Only post threads in their relevant sub-forums. Messages posted in the wrong topic forum will be moved or deleted by moderators at their own discretion. Users that continue to post off-topic may be temporarily banned from the forums.

III. Please be respectful. Do not flame, troll, bait, or otherwise abuse fellow forumgoers. We are all human here.

IV. Do not harass or threaten other users or staff members. (E.g. Death threats, doxxing, stalking, etc.) Any instances of such behavior will warrant an immediate and permanent ban on both the server and the forums without warning.

V. Avoid causing drama or otherwise inciting conflict. We already have more than enough of that in real life.

VI. Profanity is permitted, but using it in a harmful manner (e.g. calling someone a racial slur) is strictly prohibited.

VII. Do not post, reference, or link to explicit and/or illegal materials.
Not open for further replies.