Legacy Development Manifesto: The End of Aryntius

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on May 20th, 2019.


Aryntius has been running for a long time entirely on my own effort and some participation from the community that has popped up over the years. Since its inception it was a constant experiment to push the boundaries of Minecraft to create a proper Action RPG. From humble origins using only Craftbook to make items (yuck!) to the massive beast it is now, it has taken a sizable portion of my time and focus.

As time went on, the original design structure for the server has gotten less and less expandable, making content updates significantly harder to do. For example, the current item tier system causes the endgame to have only 2 viable tiers, making all other items below them irrelevant and useless. While this worked in the past, it has permanently forced the server's gameplay to be focused on rushing towards the endgame instead of collecting loot and experimenting from the beginning.

However, this has caused the server in its current state to be virtually inaccessible to new players. A full redesign of these old systems is now necessary, but would also be extremely time consuming and render all of the current items and mechanics on the server unusable. The amount of work required to “rework” the server would take many months—and with the advent of 1.14, would put the server even further behind in Minecraft updates and features, making it very unattractive for Survival players.

In the end, my final decision was to simply stop actively updating and supporting the server. I no longer have the time or energy to keep up with new Minecraft updates while also releasing my own custom content. Hiring others to help me cannot solve this problem, as the server was never designed to pay its own bills through microtransactions and I have no intention of ever adding paid content.

Thus, the server will shut down for good on June 1st, 2019.

A few of you have shown interest in how I have made the server, so as a parting gift I have uploaded all of my custom config files to github, which can be found in this repository. Feel free to use, modify, or mess with them for your own work and aspirations!

A world download will not be available because the size of the files (around 26 GB) is impossible to host for free on any popular and secure file-sharing sites.
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