Legacy Content Update 410 - April Fool's 2018

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on April 1st, 2018.


We have canceled 2.2.0 in favor of some major changes in order to better facilitate the server's livelihood!


  • Added 64 new Common items. These will only drop from Vanilla mobs and cannot be crafted.
  • Added ZOOT BORXES that have a 99% chance to deal 10,000 damage to the player that opens them and a 1% chance to reward players with 200 Iridescent items.
  • Our financial advisors have told us that in order to grow the server, we must add a pay2win advantage. Free playing turns people off due to the immense amount of grind, and nobody has time for that!
  • Removed the Trials and replaced them with 12 new Labyrinths, all of which can only be accessed by admin+ or a higher rank and are exact copies of the current Labyrinth.
  • Removed bosses from the server because difficulty is an unbalanced and unfair mechanic.
  • Removed Iridescent, Legendary, and Corrupted items.
  • We did this in order to balance out the server due to many complaints that the power creep is too strong. Since the tiers have been removed, ZOOT BORXES will now give players thin air.
  • Critical strikes now have a 1% chance to spawn a cat on kill. Cats will not despawn.
  • Treasure chests will now devour players if they are attacked.
  • Pizza has gone on strike and will no longer produce content.
  • Added a new boss that can be found at the bottom of the well in spawn. Defeating it will gain massive rewards!
  • Firesworn will have flaming heads once again.
  • Fixed Venrok's tornadoes having higher-than-intended volume.
  • Fixed Possessed Doll not dropping properly.
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