Legacy Content Update 4.1337

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December 5, 2019
Behind You
UPDATE 4.1337
It's my favorite non-holiday holiday again, so there's new stuff to be around.

  • Added JOKELAND: Realm of the April Fool.
    You can travel there using the command /aprilfools (or /af)
    This zone has resistance disabled, so you may have to alter your build!

  • Added The April Fool Boss Encounter.
    This year's is significantly more challenging than any other boss encounter and has been balanced around players having no resistance (Specifically, the fight should have a noticeable lack of one-shots other than slow missiles and teleport slams). Upon defeat, the boss drops 1 Indecent item and summons a DOUBLE LOOTSPLOSION, which is basically just a normal Lootsplosion but with twice the items.

  • Added 5 new INDECENT ITEMS:
    • Abyssal Scone
      • Weapon (Melee - Sword)
      • Sharpness -1 (Does nothing)
      • You cannot be Hungry.
      • 10% chance to take lethal damage when you attack.
    • The Floord
      • Weapon (Magic - Channeled)
      • Damage: 10.0 x3
      • Speed: Very Fast
      • Sneaking increases spread.
      • Deals 30.0 chaos damage while you have Waterbreathing.
      • Deals 3.0 extra chaos damage for every level of Regeneration (up to 30.0 at Regen. X)
    • Venom Musk (Ranged - Bow)
      • Power DDamage: 0.0 x6
      • Cooldown: None
      • Rapidly fires 3 shots during ability.
      • Generate 10,000 sigmas per second while this is held.
    • Throne of Lies (Armor - Leggings)
      • Projectile Protection XX
      • +10.0 maximum health.
      • Nearby enemies are Frozen.
      • Your attacks chain between Frozen enemies dealing up to 150.0 damage.
    • Doom Fist (Armor - Boots)
      • No Enchantments
      • +100% movement speed.
      • Adds 12,500 damage to all unarmed melee attacks.

  • The Scorpion (Unique):
    • Maximum ammo decreased to 8 (from 16).
    • Shot recovery time increased to 0.5 seconds (from 0.2 seconds).
Comments: The Scorpion was providing significantly more damage than any other ranged weapon, especially when combined with powerful equipment. This nerf has brought it back in line with other endgame ranged weapons such as Venomhusk and Caldera.

  • Ignite now removes Strength and inflicts Weakness.
  • Ignite no longer inflicts Blindness.
  • Removed Pizza. He is a rat now. Hail Ratlantis.
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