Legacy Content Update 2.5.0 - The Legacy Update

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December 5, 2019
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ARYNTIUS UPDATE 2.5.0 - The Legacy Update

This update implements some of the features that were scrapped for the Boss Rush mode such as the Forgotten Reliquary chest and fixes some minor bugs.

  • Added the Forgotten Reliquary: A special place found in Vyrdano.
  • Added the Forgotten Reliquary Crate: A new endgame crate that uses keys obtained solely from killing endgame bosses.
Its possible drops are listed below:
  • 50% - 10x Endgame Currency Item
  • 15% - 1x Corrupted Item
  • 15% - 1x Iridescent Item
  • 10% - 1x Zoot Borx
  • 10% - 1x Legacy Iridescent Item
These are the possible Legacy Iridescent Items:
  • Abyssal Skean
  • Death's Door
  • The Moonstone
  • Singularity Bascinet
  • Singularity Veil
  • Singularity Crown
  • Singularity Carapace
  • Singularity Greaves
  • Singularity Boots
The following bosses now have a 10% chance to drop 1 Forgotten Reliquary Key to all players within a radius of 50 blocks upon death:
  • Vraast, Heir of Frost
  • Magmos, Lord of Ash
  • The Nameless Titan
  • Sahuvar the Deceiver
  • Quu'rak the Insatiable
  • Otin the Deathweaver
  • Realm Guardian
The following bosses will always drop 1 Forgotten Reliquary Key to all players within a radius of 80 blocks upon death:
  • The Seal of Creation
  • Izenryl the Abyss Lord

  • Ascendant and Deity now have grey player names in order to make cosmetic titles less of an eyesore.
  • Fixed the Junk Seller NPC not having a squid on his face.
  • Fixed the voting message giving a link to our old website.
  • Fixed The Chimera dealing less self damage than intended.
  • Fixed The Gryphon displaying incorrect damage on its item description.
    New damage: 2000.0 - 3500.0 (from 2000.0 - 3000.0).
    This was a visual bug and does not affect the item's abilities - only its description.
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