Legacy Content Update 1.1.0 - Wrath of the Void

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on April 5th, 2017.


And here we are, folks. Wrath of the Void is finally released, and it's the final level of difficulty on the entire server. Detailed below are the additions and changes.

  • Added the Void, an extremely difficult area intended for endgame players.
  • Added dozens of new weapons and accessories, all of which can be found within the void.
  • Added new boss: Lord of the Abyss. (Can be found in the Void)
  • Added new boss: Forgotten Hero. (Can be found in the Void)
  • Added Void Trader NPC. He sells extremely powerful items in exchange for shadow rubies.
  • Added Weaponsmith NPC near the trials cave. He sells mid-tier items for rare materials.
  • Armor: Helm of Poise (Legendary) - Resist. IV, Slowness III
  • Armor: Wrath of the Void (Forgotten) - Regen. IV, Resist. IV, Speed IV, Strength X, Fire Resist.
  • Weapon: Relentless Pursuit (Legendary) - 80.0 magic damage. Bolts track enemies near cursor.
  • Weapon: Cascades (Legendary) - 30.0x12 magic damage. Extremely fast and deadly AoE weapon.
  • Weapon: Infinity Shard (Legendary) - Sharpness C. 30.0x5 magic damage. Slow magic bolts but extremely high melee damage.
  • Weapon: Staff of Euzhe (Iridescent) - 85.0 magic damage. Attacking with this weapon gives user Resist. IV for 2.5s.
  • Weapon: Shield Slam (Iridescent) - 30.0 ranged damage. Shots reduce absorption on targets to 2.0 for up to 10.0s.
  • Weapon: Fleur de la Mort (Corrupted) - 19.0 ranged damage. Deals x5 damage on headshot. Shots slow user for 5.5s.
  • Weapon: Abyssal Tigris (Corrupted) - 41.0x5 ranged damage. Slows/blinds user for 3.5s on shot.
  • Weapon: Possessed Doll (Ultimate) - 6.0x3 magic damage. Bolts track nearby enemies.
  • Weapon: Shadow Crawler (Ultimate) - 22.5x8 magic damage. Fires extremely slow bolts.
  • Weapon: Void Grenade (Superior) - 0.5-15.0 ranged damage. Consumable grenade. Pulls enemies towards the center upon detonation.
  • Equip: Eldritch Aegis (Legendary) - Shield. Whenever you attack, gain Regen. X for 10.0s.
  • Equip: Paladin's Shield (Iridescent) - Shield. Gain Resist. IV except when you have a Legendary set of armor equipped. Otherwise, gain Resist. III.
  • Equip: The Event Horizon (Iridescent) - Shield. Gain Absorption X if you also have a set of Void or Titan armor equipped.
  • Equip: Shadow Reaver (Iridescent) - Gain Regen. IV if you also have a set of Shadewalker armor equipped. Whenever you attack, gain Haste IV and Speed IV.
  • Equip: Recollection Crystal (Iridescent) - Gain Regen. IV and Speed IV if you also have a set of Aquir armor equipped.
  • Equip: Jewel of Fire (Corrupted) - Whenever you attack, gain Strength X but suffer Slowness IV.
  • Equip: Jewel of Water (Corrupted) - Gain Regen. VII. Whenever you attack, suffer Weakness X.
  • Equip: Jewel of Earth (Corrupted) - Gain Resist. IV. Whenever you attack, suffer Blidness and Wither X.
  • Equip: Jewel of Air (Corrupted) - Gain Speed X but also suffer Wither X.
  • Equip: Eye of the Void (Legendary) - Night Vision.
  • Key Item: Void Key - Teleports you into the Void. Crafted from 3 key fragments, one for each boss of the trials.
  • Greatly increased drop rate of Reaper Shield (Legendary).
  • Re-added death points in order to balance items properly.
  • Clarified Flying Hatchet slowness duration in description.
  • Changed Flying Hatchet firework color to orange.
  • Fixed trade channel not working properly.
  • Fixed Nalok not doing damage with his eye beam.
  • Fixed Cunning of the Void not dropping.
  • Fixed some minor economy bugs.
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