Legacy Content Update 1.0.0 - Trials of the Aquir

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December 5, 2019
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Originally posted on February 9th, 2017.


Aryntius' first major content update is here, and boy is it jam-packed with tons of cool stuff! The main focus of this update is the introduction of the Trials of the Aquir, a set of massive gateways into other challenging dimensions full of enemies to slay and loot to collect. It's the first official endgame area of the server, and also a massive improvement over the original dungeon. Currently, there are 3 parts to the trials, the Trial of Sorrow, the Trial of Hatred, and the Trial of Cunning, themed by Earth, Fire, and Water, respectively. Each trial starts off at relatively mid-game levels and gets harder as you venture deeper into the trial, culminating in an extremely tough boss fight at the end of each trial. All bosses have a 100% chance to drop Legendary items and are the only enemies to drop Iridescent items. So gear up and prepare for battle, the trials are open!

  • Added several new dungeons, each with unique loot and challenges. These can be found at /aquir.
  • Added numerous new weapons and armor exclusive to each dungeon.
  • Added new bosses: Rith the Foolish and Keth the Wise. (Can be found in the trial of hatred)
  • Added completely new armor warp displaying recipes and equipment.
  • Added json-based death messages that show your inventory and stats on death.
  • Added Revenge, which will cause passive mobs (such as cows) to attack you if you anger them too much.
  • Added the ability to show item data in the chat with [item].
  • Added 2 new chat channels, accessible with /c <name>.
  • Armor Set: Hard Leather (Uncommon) - Resistance I, level III enchants.
  • Armor Set: Pleated (Uncommon) - Strength I, level II enchants.
  • Armor Set: Rushwalker (Uncommon) - Speed I, level IV enchants.
  • Armor Set: Monk (Uncommon) - Regeneration I, level IV enchants.
  • Armor Set: Rune Priest (Rare) - Regeneration II, level V enchants.
  • Armor Set: Falcon (Superior) - Speed III, level VII enchants.
  • Armor Set: Void Cultist (Corrupted) - Absorption X, binds/vanishes.
  • Armor Set: Shadewalker (Ultimate) - Speed II, Resist. II, level X enchants.
  • Armor Set: Archmage (Ultimate) - Speed III, Regen. III, level X enchants.
  • Armor Set: Clockwork (Ultimate) - Strength IV, Regen. III, level X enchants.
  • Weapon: Serpent's Fang (Legendary) - 30.0x3 magic damage. Slows targets for up to 1.5s on hit. 15.0 base damage (melee)
  • Weapon: Inferno (Legendary) - Bow with power 67. Deals 60.0x12 magic damage when fully charged (ultimate ability). Cooldown: 15 seconds.
  • Weapon: Head of Y'razotj (Legendary) - 25.0x4 magic damage. Heals user by 2.0 health per hit. Crouching focuses spread.
  • Weapon: Tigris Aquira (Legendary) - 32.0x5 damage. Slows/blinds target for up to 1.5s.
  • Weapon: Fusion Rifle (Iridescent) - 10.0 damage with 50% crit (x2 damage). Right-click alt mode fires rockets (50.0 damage)
  • Weapon: Staff of Euzhe (Iridescent) - 85.0 magic damage. Gives user Resistance IV for 2.5 seconds on hit.
  • Equip: Charm of Rejuvenation (Rare) - Regeneration I.
  • Equip: Aquir Aegis (Superior) - Shield. Unbreaking X, Mending X. Gives user infinite Water Breathing.
  • Equip: Charm of Infinite Value (Legendary) - Whenever you attack an enemy, gain 2.0 absorption.
  • Equip: Charm of Leaping (Legendary) - Jump Boost X
  • Equip: Charm of Shadows (Legendary) - Invisibility
  • Equip: Dragon's Heart (Legendary) - Gain Regeneration IV if you have the full Dragonscale armor set equipped. Gain 2x Movement Speed and 5x Melee Attack Damage when you hit an enemy.
  • Equip: Clockwork Shield (Iridescent) - Gain Resistance IV if you have the full Clockwork armor set equipped.
  • Equip: Chrono Aquira (Iridescent) - Gain Regeneration IV if you have the full Clockwork armor set equipped.
  • Mithril Armor now has Speed II and Level V enchants.
  • Bunny Armor has been completely reworked and now has feasible stats.
  • All Superior Armor enchants increased to level VII+ from level IV.
  • Infested Wraith squid head HP reduced to 20.0 from 120.0
  • Aquir Justicar speed/weakness damage reduced from V to II.
  • Last Reckoning damage increased from 12.0x3 to 14.0x3. Ammo changed from Gold Nugget to Iron Nugget.
  • Tidal Fury bolts increased from 8 to 12 shots per recharge.
  • Greatly increased the drop rates of all legendary/iridescent items on bosses.
  • Changed some lore formatting for Dragonscale armor.
  • Reworked Server Guide from the ground up.
  • Completely reworked Y'razotj boss fight.
  • Fixed Tigris not doing proper damage values.
  • Fixed voting rewards not being given properly.
  • Fixed /worth destroying items it showed the worth of.
  • Fixed Celestial Armor not displaying effects properly.
  • Fixed scoped SMG reloads causing players to fly into space.
  • Fixed Wraiths and Spectres not dropping correctly enchanted Mithril items.
  • Fixed numerous recipes and similar problems.
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